Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Family Room Furnishings

So here's the first of my idea boards for furnishing our new house: the Family Room; which is the open plan area opposite the kitchen:

  1. George Nelson Saucer Lamps from Luke
  2. Coburn 'Flame Tree' 1976
    Paul already owns this, so it's set the colour statement
  3. Danish style sofa and armchairs.  These are from Angelucci 21st Century.
  4. Danish teak coffee table.
    I can't wait to scour the Melbourne vintage stores to find one!
  5. Old Yarn Rug from Loom.
    It will take a while to save our pennies for this one!

1 comment:

  1. Nice!!! That art is a great jumping off point. I love that you've used an actual pic of the room as the background for the concept board!