Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 155: Floorboards Installed

I got a bit emotional at the house today when we arrived to see the cage bin full of Boral Timber wrapping.  I could hardly believe that the floorboards have been installed.  It really does mark the beginning of the end of the build process and it feels that little more real that Paul and I will be raising our family there very soon.   Another sign of this milestone is that the front temporary fence was removed earlier in the week and the portaloo disappeared yesterday (and yes there were signs that one of our new toilets has been used already...didn't realise it was part of the service to test them for us!)

Sample pics of the floorboards.  Boral Silkwood in Spotted Gum
The walkways are covered in cardboard to protect them.

Floorboards in Butlers Pantry

The flyscreens have also made an appearance on all the bedroom windows, but not yet installed for any of the living areas or bathroom and laundry.

Flyscreens in master bedroom

The bathroom mirrors have been replaced with the correct frameless ones, although the ensuite mirror is still about 3mm short of the tile and vanity width on the left.  I don't care about it too much (I didn't even notice) but Paul is bothered by it.

Ensuite Mirror

Paul's raindrop showerhead :)

The plumber returned at the start of the week to fit off the toilets and bathroom bath, but unfortunately didn't swap the basin wastes over to the pop up ones.

Main Toilet

Kitchen splashback
End panels of the overhead cabinets were removed as they hung too low
and were in the way of the splashback.

The carpet is scheduled to be installed sometime early next week and then house clean is booked for the 5th.  No date from the Site Manager as to the QA check yet and I haven't bothered to ask, given I don't think he's in a position to know this with the amount of small jobs yet to be completed and the fact that he's having trouble getting the trades back to finish off.  The items left to do as far as I can tell are:

  • Laundry and Rear Garage external door handles missing
  • Internal door handles and wardrobe handles to two bedrooms missing
  • Stormwater not yet connected to the street (water erupts out of the ground at the front of the site and pours over the footpath into the Telstra pit on the nature strip)
  • One down pipe still missing, another not connected to the underground pipe (buried about a metre away)
  • Rumpus and Linen Cupboard doors missing
  • Splashback sides yet to be installed (sitting onsite so perhaps waiting for the large back piece to set before they attempt to fit them). 
  • Replace bathroom and ensuite basin wastes with pop up ones
  • Rewire the front portico pillar lights and fit them off
  • Install timber quad around floor board edges
  • Install carpet
  • Caulking to tiles and kitchen splashback
  • Adjust kitchen drawers and cupboards (some stick or knock against other doors) and resize overhead end panels (and maybe new bin drawer front with top aligned handle...???)
  • Fit door stops
  • Install manhole cover
  • Fit off hot water service and gas meter
  • Paint touch ups :)
So even though they're all fairly small jobs, there's a decent list of them and a lot of different trades to organise.  It's easy to see how it could drag out to weeks.  Seriously hoping not!


  1. Great progress, Nat. It would have been super exciting to see that flooring down!!

    I can't believe those rumpus and linen cupboard doors are still missing. What's that all about?

    You'll be in before you know it!


  2. I have to say it feels like to an outsider that it has gone quick for us probably not for you though. So excited to see you have the Boral spotted gum down as I can now bug you for details as we are either having that or dark bamboo, thankfully we haven't had to make the decision yet as I keep changing my mind. Can I ask did you go through Metricon for it? Let us know how you are liking it once you are settled in with lots of pics. I too would have been excited to see the flooring, I think for me that will be the most exciting.

    1. The build has seemed really quick for us too - especially the first couple of months. The only time it feels slow is when some jobs don't get finished week on week, it's a weird perception thing, but the major items have steamed ahead.

      We had the option of the standard floating floor in spotted gum but the display homes showed how thin the veneer was with shoe dents and you can't re-sand it so we upgraded to the Boral Silkwood version, which is still a veneer but a lot thicker so you can sand it back and refinish in a few years time when you need to. The other good thing is it's pre finished in the factory so no hairs and dust in the finish! I put solid spotted gum in my last house and you have to let it sit onsite for a few weeks before laying to cure it (avoid shrinking) and then after polishing you can't go in the house for a while as the fumes are strong. That was all time I didn't want to wait after handover, which is why we chose to get the floors done by Metricon. The price they had was not bad too at the time. I love the colour and texture of spotted gum - its such a warm feel. Good luck with your selections - it's so hard to make some of them and feel you're sure you made the right choices!

  3. Going from strength to strength and like the other guys, really liking your floor boards. We are getting boards as well and if they look as good as yours do we will be very happy.
    Looking like an Easter hand over...
    Cam & Kirst

  4. Everything is looking beautiful! You must be itching out of your skin to get in.