Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kitchen Appliances

In preparation for our Contract appointment this Friday I did another read through of the Preliminary Contract yesterday and noticed that under our credit item for kitchen appliances (we chose not to take up the appliances offered and supply our own) it says:

"...Note: Model No's and brochures showing cut-out sizes, connection details and megajoule ratings must be supplied prior to final plans and a clarification variation raised confirming exact Model No's and connection details otherwise M's standard cut-out sizes and connection points will remain..."

Oops!  "...supplied prior to final plans..." umm....that would be TODAY!

Needless to say, I dashed to the kitchen appliance store yesterday and got a quote for the appliances we've been considering. (It's good being on Maternity leave at the moment and being able to get to a store at a few hours notice - between O's nap and meal times of course!)

We were originally intending to hold off purchasing the appliances until the internal fit-out because I was concerned about warranty timelines, however the woman at the kitchen store advised me they will hold the stock for us until we're ready for installation and that the warranty doesn't commence until delivery.  Yay!

So the specs have now been provided to M and our CSC confirmed they are being incorporated by Drafting today.  We should get final plans and specs tomorrow.

So here's the kitchen appliances we chose:

Qasair 900H Rangehood

Bosch 76cm 4 burner Gas Cooktop

Neff B46E64 Oven

Miele G5500 SCi Dishwasher
(with a Laminex Lustrous Elm front panel which we'll get made up later)

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